Earliest Photograph Ever Found…

It's Just A Theory…

Chichen Itza – Yucatan, Mexico

AP – In a discovery described as one of the most baffling finds in archeological history, scientists today announced they had uncovered the first known example of photography, centuries before the technique was discovered elsewhere.

“Perhaps we should say centuries before the technique was re-discovered,” said Dr. Snoddly Thumpernickle, lead scientist at the Kato Institute, at a news conference hurriedly arranged to announce the find. Thumpernickle seemed obviously shaken by the news, and at times was at a loss for words.

“I mean… what can I say? The state of their painting, and art, at this time in their history was still of a primitive nature. And yet, here we find an actual photograph. That the photograph is of an astronomical nature is certainly in keep with the accepted reason for many of the buildings to have been built in the first place.”

In reply to questions concerning the authenticity…

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